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We are an established family run restaurant with a strong desire to create extravagant flavours and provide exceptional hospitality. Our dishes are unique and have been perfected in house by our experienced chefs through the years. Hospitality runs through our veins with years of experience in prestigious outlets like Gleneagles and many more. Our chefs have studied and graduated from culinary schools across the world.
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Inspired by the Argentine way of life and its cuisine, our desire grew very strong to bring something unique to Scotland. Living most of our life in Scotland, we were moved by the Scottish farming and its finest produces. Combination of years of experiences in high end outlets, and commitment to take great Scottish produces to the next level, we opened our first outlet on Musselburgh’s High Street, which became popular amongst locals and tourists.
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All our beef and lamb cuts are dry aged in a specialist state-of-the-art ageing Himalayan salt chamber. This slowly reduces unwanted moisture content in the meat, focusing and enhancing the mouth-watering flavours. This also allows the meat to tenderise, making it even more delicious. By doing this, we pay homage to the farmers who have given us this wonderful product.
Award-winning Wines

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A classic food and wine combination, Malbec and a juicy steak truly is a match made in heaven, and nothing quite beats a good old Argentinian steak and wine night, we call it wining and dining. Our wines are carefully selected from few of the best winery covering high altitude mountain ranges in Argentina, Chile to Australia, South Africa and France where the malbec originates from. As much as we’d love to transport you all to Argentina to experience the real deal, we’ll give you the next best thing, The Argentinian experience in Parrilla. By the time you’ve got our excellent restaurants under your belt, you’ll almost be able to smell the Pampas!
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